What to do being in the ski resort "Azish-Tau"?

Lago-Naki plateau - is primarily a wild, untouched nature, extraordinary mountain scenery and absolutely pure mountain air. Here you can always find a lot of different and interesting winter activities: from skiing, skating and snowboarding to mountain climbing (Fisht, Oshten, Abadzesh). In the hotel Azish-Tau you will always find how to entertain yourself. There is a working ski lift which will take you right to the ski slopes. Here you can enjoy horseback riding in unusually exciting route, or you can try to explore the untouched ancient caves, set up camp on a hilltop, watching the beautiful scenery in the world. Fans of extreme sports can take a river rafting or ride a snowmobile. Also within the complex has an outdoor winter ice rink, where all your family can to skate.
Of course, we haven't forgot about skiing. At your disposal were built a special track with a lift, which can hold competitions or just a ride.
In the end, you can simply enjoy the amazing beauty of nature, which is second only to our pretentious hospitality.

  • Skiing and snowboarding

    Huge impressive mountains, a lot of dry snow - all this is skiing and snowboarding in the "Azish-Tau." The ski resort "Azish-Tau" offers beautiful scenery, miles of trails, from beginner to expert. All this is only with us!

  • Horseback riding with all your family

    Lago-Naki plateau is a great place to ride horses. Ride the whole family on an unusually exciting route. You get a lot of pleasant experiences and energy!

  • Hiking in the mountains

    During the route you can enjoy the gretest beauty of our nature. Energize from the mountains, breathe only pure mountain air, enjoy the extraordinary scenery. Lago-Naki plateau is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • Visit Big Azishskuyu cave

    Big Azishskaya cave - one of the most beautiful and interesting caves of the Western Caucasus. It is declared as a natural monument in 1973. Stalactites and stalagmites resembling diferent animals, people, plants and other shapes will amaze anyone who visited the anciant cave.

  • Ride a snowmobile

    Snowmobiling will bring a true pleasure to fans of active leisure. Even if you do not brave enough to independently drive a snowmobile, you will be offered an unforgettable adventure as a passenger.

  • Rafting

    We may offer you rafting on the White River. The route with total length of 10 km. The journey takes about 1.5 hours. To save your impressions during the rafting we can organize professional digital photography.

  • Climb the greatest mountains

    We invite everyone to climb the mountain Oshten, Abadzesh and Fisht. You will find a lot of unforgettable experiences, epinephrine and of course a lot of beautiful photos.

  • Just enjoy the nature

    Lago-Naki plateau - is primarily a wild, untouched nature, extraordinary mountain scenery and absolutely pure mountain air. After all, the photos can not pass you the all purity of the air or energy of the mountains in charming sunny windless day.