• Ski Resort Azish-Tau
  • The hotel complex Azish-Tau in Lago-Naki plateau
  • Horseback riding in the Lago-Naki plateau

About Azish-Tau

Azish-Tau - is currently the largest and modern ski resort in Lago-Naki plateau, which is located high in the mountains of Adygea (1700 meters above sea level). Here you can always find a lot of different and interesting winter activities: from skiing, skating and snowboarding to mountain climbing (Fisht, Oshten, Abadzesh). In the hotel Azish-Tau you will always find how to entertain yourself. There is a working ski lift which will take you right to the ski slopes. Here you can enjoy horseback riding in unusually exciting route, or you can try to explore the untouched ancient caves, set up camp on a hilltop, watching the beautiful scenery in the world. Fans of extreme sports can take a river rafting or ride a snowmobile. Also within the complex has an outdoor winter ice rink, where all your family can to skate.


The tourist complex Azish-Tau consists of a four-story hotel complex, which includes more than 40 rooms, economy housing with more than 30 rooms, a lift to the ski slopes, with a total length of 1500 meters, a small lake, which is used as a winter skating rink, indoor pool with sauna and gym, a restaurant with a capacity of more than 100 people, cafes and more than 20 units of motor vehicles.

Hotel Azish-Tau

The four-hotel complex Azish Tau - is the only one hotel with such a level of service in the Lago-Naki plateau. All rooms have very nice and comfortable interior. Hotel has everything you need for comfortable relaxation: swimming pool, sauna, restaurant and most importantly - unsurpassable service. Despite the location, the hotel complex has an independent power supply, heating, satellite TV. Throughout Azish-Tau operates mobile communications. The hotel complex is ready to accept more than 120 people at a time and all year round.

About the nature of Lago-Naki plateau

Lago-Naki plateau - is primarily a wild, untouched nature, extraordinary mountain scenery and absolutely pure mountain air. Absheron district of Krasnodar region called the "Switzerland of Kuban": alpine meadows, mountain rivers, forests, mysterious caves and many other natural gems Caucasus Nature Reserve. You can simply enjoy the amazing beauty of nature, which is second only to our pretentious hospitality.

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